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Hurricane food is essential to have during a storm season. When a hurricane is heading your way, the last place you want to be is standing on long lines at the supermarket or, even worse, encountering empty shelves because of a last minute decision to get prepared. Experts suggest that your hurricane food supply should be stocked with at least two weeks worth of food storage prior to the start of hurricane season. Purchasing ready to eat meals from MRESTAR is a perfect way to begin this emergency preparedness.

hurricane food
Hurricane food needs to be stored in such a way to prevent spoilage. During a hurricane, the storm may cause power outages that could last for days. Without electricity, refrigerated food will spoil quickly. Items that are not only non-perishable but also easy to serve are important for home food storage during hurricane season. MRESTAR’s meals ready to eat come in a variety of nutritious combinations to make you feel like you are eating a home cooked meal without having to prepare anything.

MRE meals are fully cooked and can be eaten hot or cold. Their tightly sealed and insulated pouches help to maintain the food’s freshness without refrigeration for extended periods of time. And best of all, there is no need to add water to the entrees. Just open the pouch and begin indulging in your ready to eat meal. Save the water to use with ready to eat beverage mixes and enjoy a variety of flavorful drinks while staying hydrated.

MRE meals are portable and very convenient. If your house is damaged in a hurricane and you have to relocate, you can easily take your ready to eat meals with you. MRE meals can be purchased as complete kits that include several entrees, side dishes, snacks, beverages, and utensils for eating. In addition, flameless heaters can be purchased to heat up certain meals if so desired. Buying ready to eat meals in complete kits is helpful when needing to maintain a hurricane food supply for a large family or for long periods of time while power is being restored to your home.

Hurricane food is safe, compact, delicious, and inexpensive when you use MRESTAR meals ready to eat. All our MRE meals are manufactured in the United States. Because MRESTAR is located in South Florida, we have first hand experience with food preparedness during hurricane season. MRE meals can be purchased here online and sent directly to you or they can be found at local retail stores. No matter where you decide to buy, ready to eat meals are a great way to enhance your hurricane food supply before a storm strikes near you.

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