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Disaster foodDisaster food is an important aspect of your emergency plan. Having a long-term food storage of disaster food and emergency supplies can be beneficial in an unexpected time of need. No matter the situation, disaster preparedness needs to take place before something happens.

Disaster food, along with a first aid kit and a sufficient amount of emergency water supply, should be part of any survival kit. After a disaster strikes, a person should be able to survive on his or her own for at least three days, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). FEMA suggests creating 72-hour kits with enough emergency essentials for each member of your family. However, even though local government agencies and disaster-relief organizations are ready to help those in need after a disaster hits, sometimes the emergency response cannot immediately reach you. Other times disaster management responders have to focus their efforts initially somewhere else. In certain situations, you may need to be self-sufficient for much longer.

Disaster planning can help reduce fear and anxiety before a disaster occurs. First people should know what emergency management services are available in their community. Then you can create a disaster checklist to help you organize the essential emergency supplies to buy, the ways to protect your home, and the places in which to find shelter should your home become uninhabitable. Make sure your disaster survival kits are familiar to all members of your family, and prepare at least one portable kit that can be easily transported to another location should you have to evacuate your home.

You should also have a contingency plan for keeping you and your family safe. Brainstorm different ways to exit your home should a door be blocked by an obstacle or fire. Find alternate ways to reach shelters if a road or path is cautioned off. And have a disaster recovery plan in place to get your life back to normal as soon as possible after a disaster occurs.

Disaster food can be ordered through the MRESTAR online food store or found in local retail stores in plenty of time before a disaster strikes. Meals ready to eat are sealed in durable packs to remain safe and clean. They can be placed in a long-term food storage area of your home that allows for easy access at any time. By purchasing several ready to eat meals ahead of time, you will be ready for any disaster that may come your way.

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