Emergency Rations

Emergency rationsEmergency rations are foods and drinks that people can consume for one day. They are often used as camping food and backpacking food by people that are hiking or walking long distances on foot. People carry emergency rations in case they are faced with an accident or get lost. Eating rations can keep you nourished while you wait for help to arrive. Having emergency supplies of rations can provide temporary sustenance while you are far away from food supplies as well.

Emergency rations are foods that can remain in long-term food storage for years and will not spoil under normal conditions. MRE meals, or meals ready to eat, from MRESTAR can be used as emergency rations. Their delicious MRE meals are contained in a tough, polyester package that is durable and lightweight. The meals ready to eat are inside waterproof packaging that prevents oxygen from penetrating it, thus keeping the food fresh for long-term food storage capability.

Typically, emergency food rations are high in calories and provide energy and nutrients your body needs right away. Individual items, such as candy bars, nutritional or energy bars, biscuits or crackers, and dried meat and fruits are examples of rations that can be consumed in an emergency. In addition, an emergency water supply of one gallon per person, per day should be gathered if safe drinking water is not available in the surroundings.

Food preparedness for outdoor activities as well as disaster preparedness is critical. It is important to make sure your survival kits are packed with enough emergency rations to last you at least three days. Rations should be gathered well in advance of any camping or hiking adventure, or even any disaster that may be imminent. These survival foods can be placed in a belt pack or hop pack for short treks. An additional ready to eat meal pack can be carried for longer trails or longer periods of time when you might be away from actual food supplies. The extra food can give you energy and keep you motivated to continue on your journey.

Emergency rations are portable and easy to carry. Several types of MRESTAR’s entrees, snacks, drinks, and side dishes can be combined to create a complete meal that is ready to eat at a moment’s notice. Ready to eat meals are convenient in that they are fully cooked and can be eaten hot or cold.

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