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Hurricane foodHurricane food is an important component of emergency preparedness during hurricane season. The National Weather Service can often predict an impending storm days in advance. Just because a hurricane is miles off shore, however, it doesn’t mean you are out of the clear. Having a stash of emergency food in your long-term food storage is a smart way to be ready for any type of storm that may hit your area.

Hurricane food should be part of survival kits for anyone living in hurricane regions. Making sure that emergency rations are included in your home food storage well in advance of hurricane season can help ease your mind. Non-perishable goods, such as meals ready to eat, can last several months or even years. A well-stocked emergency food supply of different survival foods can sustain you through an entire hurricane season – or two!

It’s best to prepare an adequate variety of survival food supplies before hurricane season begins. Consider the benefits of having MRESTAR service your emergency food supply as part of your disaster preparedness:

  • If strong winds knock down power lines and cause power outages, you don’t have to worry about your emergency food supply spoiling without refrigeration.
  • Sometimes there may be a mandatory hurricane evacuation in your area. Your home may also get damaged in a storm, forcing you to relocate temporarily. In either case, you can use coolers or backpacks to create portable disaster kits filled with survival supplies and emergency food supplies to take with you.
  • Ready to eat snacks and drinks can satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst in between meals. With a hurricane food supply of ready to eat foods from MRESTAR, you can enjoy delicious treats anytime of day.
  • Several ready to eat meals can be placed together in a home food storage area without taking up too much space. This can allow for the stock of emergency food to grow without being inconvenient.
  • Ready to eat meals from MRESTAR are nutritious and balanced, providing1,100 to 1,300 calories each time.
  • Meals ready to eat are water resistant, and heat resistant.

Hurricane food is vital to regions affected by severe storms. Ready to eat meals come in individual packs that are easy to distribute and consume. In case of a hurricane disaster, ready to eat meals can provide sustenance to hundreds of people at once. MRESTAR is a proud supplier of emergency relief food to organizations that provide assistance to areas hit hard by hurricanes.

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